Self-Made Multi-Sport Adventures

My background in triathlon has set the stage for my enjoyment of multi-sport adventures. When ultra running became very popular, I tried my hand at the sport but found that I didn’t enjoy running for that length of time like I thought I ‘should’ and my waning interest in competition left me without many events to train for.

I realised that I was more interested in solo or small group self-made expeditions, often involving two or three of the sports in triathlon. Since I love crossing lakes and swimming rivers, and with few to no events involving swims that take as long or longer than the riding and running, I began making 3-4 day triathlons, often combined with camping.

A self-made triathlon can be a river or lake swim on one day, a backcountry mountain bike ride for a few days and a mountain run or fast pack for another day or two.

Sometimes it’ll be a swim first followed by a cycle tour. Sometimes it’ll be a swim/run, and other times cycling and running without a swim.

The trail and hut network in New Zealand and the plethora of beautiful lakes, rivers and ocean swimming venues make it possible for an almost never-ending selection of adventures to choose from for many years to come.

Akaroa Harbour and Three Day Swim Trek Adventure
Nearly at Elephant Rock, Akaroa Harbour Swim

Akaroa Harbour and Three Day Swim Trek Adventure

A Deleted Chapter from my Upcoming Book - Downriver Nomad: A Triathlete's Adventures and Adversity Into the Rapids Akaroa Harbour Swim Akaroa Harbour Swim After coming home from an adventure…

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