Cycle Touring and Bike Packing

Cycling was always my weakest leg in a triathlon, however, despite that I am obsessed with bikes. In more recent years, I’ve enjoyed cycle touring and even more recently bike packing.

I’ve done cycle tours in Australia, Canada, France, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Italy and in my new home in New Zealand.

I’ve found cycle touring an incredible way to see the world, in a challenging yet enjoyable way.

I’m fascinated by reading about the cycle tour racing such as around the world record attempts and cross country / cross-continent speed records, however, that form of cycle touring is not for me. Not only am I unlikely to achieve a record based on not having the elite-level talent, but my passion for multi-sport doesn’t allow the time to fully devote myself to cycle touring and record attempts. While I love challenging myself, which a relaxed approach to cycle touring allows, I also have a passion to see and experience my surroundings more fully. If I meet interesting people or see beautiful places, I enjoy the freedom of being able to stop and enjoy it rather than pressuring myself to keep going.

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