I’m Rob Hutchings

I’m an adventure marathon swimmer and triathlete, with a passion for swimming and multi-sport adventures, mostly self-made non-competitive challenging adventures. 

I have a long background as a competitive triathlete, however in recent years I mostly lost interest in competition but I still love making challenging adventures in swimming, cycling and running. I’ve been self-organising challenging adventures for several years and am always looking to push the physical and emotional limits in an adventurous beautiful environment while keeping adventuring affordable at the same time. I now enjoy river marathon swimming in rivers, lakes and oceans, cycle touring and bike packing, mountain running, and multi-sport adventures. 

My most challenging adventure to date was the first known swim down New Zealand’s Clutha River, completed in four and a half days in February 2020. 

I’m a chiropractor, yoga enthusiast and trained yoga instructor. I’m interested in a long term plan of having group adventures followed by a yoga retreat in a beautiful environment. 

I’ve got a passion for storytelling and a newer hobby of amateur filmmaking. 

I’m interested in encouraging people of all abilities to get out and have an adventure.